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Monday, January 16, 2012

Birthday Gifts In Candy Form

I love to get a hand-made gifts and I know a few other people who feel the same way. There is something about knowing that the person giving the gift took a lot of time and put thought into the gift.

My God-Children, Karlie and Sean each just celebrated their birthdays. In fact they were born on the same day, but years apart. I wanted them to know that I was thinking of them on their birthday but didn't have a lot of money to spend on a gift and I needed to be able to mail it to them.

These "pocket cards" seem to be the perfect gift for them.

Karlie is my God-Daughter and turned 17. She is a beautiful girl and is a stylish diva. So what better than a little cheetah print for a teen. The new Basic Grey line was perfect for this because on the reverse side is a black and tan stripe.

I made the outside of hers look like a billfold with a rosette accent.

Then you open the "purse" there the largest candy bar that I could find, wrapped with the same cheetah print paper with a contrasting paper as a label with her name. I carefully folded the papers to make a "pocket" to slide the candy bar.

Knowing my God-Daughter she loved the prints and candy.

For my God-Son, it was music all the way. I tried to find video game paper but I came up empty so music was a close second. His was a little simpler. Since he was turning 13 I just added his age.

The folds for both were the same.... and the same concept with adding the name.

I am sure he appreciated that I remember his birthday as well.

Even though I could not be with my God-Children on their birthdays they know I put a lot of thought into sending them a gift.

If all else fails send candy! Just use a little craftiness with the wrappers to dress it up.

Happy Scrappin' ! ! !


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