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Friday, April 29, 2011

Special Occasions

It seems there is always a special occasion on the horizon. In my circle of family and friends it is generally a birthday, wedding, bridal or baby shower. I love these events and I also love it when the guest of honor makes over a hand-made card or gift.

A very dear friend wed on New Year's Eve and made the comment to me that she could not wait to open my envelope, not because of the gift inside, but to see the card. I try to make (or in this case scrap-lift) the perfect card for the occasion and it is rare that I buy a card.

I saw this card on line and fell in love with it. It just so happened that I had the set of Spellbinder dies to recreate it. The only thing I changed was the colors in order that the colors of the card match the bride's wedding colors.

This card is heavy with the layers therefore I kept the pop dots to the thinnest ones I could find. Also adding texture to this card was the bow and half pearls that the bride also had on her dress. As you may have guess the wedding colors were red and white.

The inside of the card was simple.

This pictures is just of the closed card so that you can see all of the layers.

When it comes time for a special occasion don't buy a card, with a little planning ahead, and the correct supplies you can create or scrap-lift an idea that is perfect.

Happy Scrappin' ! ! !


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trouble With My Blog Posts

My apologies for the messy blog post yesterday. When I saved that post there were nice neat paragraphs and it looked like all of the ones in the past. For some reason all of the paragraphs just ran together and "Blogger" will not allow me to fix it. It just keeps going back to the way it is right now. I am not a happy camper about the situation but I can only do so much with that post.

My spell checker is also not working correctly.

Today I am in my scrap room and working on a few LO. I am hoping to have some new things to post very soon.

Happy Scrappin' ! ! !


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Gifts

There is inspiration everywhere I look and sometimes there is too much inspiration. I am torn as to what I want to make, what I have time to make, and what I have on hand to make the projects. I am also one of those people who save pictures of projects that I love and just want to scrap-lift, although I am a bigger fan of drawing from someone else's project and making something totally different That is the case today.

Easter is quickly approaching and I needed gifts for my CCD/PSR students. These gifts need to be special as this week is my last week teaching these wonderful children. In truth I've learned more from them than they have from me.

I have about 50 things Easter related in my project folder so I had to narrow it down. Our last class is Wednesday April 13 (today,) so I didn't have much time to devote to the project but still wanted it to be very special and make those kids smile. I also didn't have time to go shopping for scrap supplies so the project had to include items that I already had on hand. Here was my inspiration after I narrowed it down:

Both of those items are from "Pebbles In
My Pocket" and are available in kit form. They are adorable. But here is another fact, I didn't have time to order and wait on the mail to deliver the kits and then have the time to make them.

I love the idea of the bunny for Easter because children love "THE BUNNY." I also love the match book because it is a great way to "wrap" or hide the real gift (the candy inside.)

Then start the thought process of how to make these and make them somewhat my own.
I also did not want to have to make a separate tag or card.... lazy... no... rather a little pressed for time. So I decided to make a match book greeting card.

I went into my supplies and found an
exclusive die from When I put together that die it is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall. Here is a picture of that die:

I needed this to be a lot bigger. So this is what I did: Using black cardstock, I cut one set of the rabbit parts. I then scanned those pieces and saved them as a photo on my computer. I then opened that photo image with a program called Makes-The-Cut. With that program I was able to resize the die pieces and cut them using my Cricut.

I can't share the cut file but you can use the above link and buy the die at and do the same thing.

I folded my match books, adhered my finished rabbits to the closing flap of the book.

When you open that flap there is the "Happy Easter" greeting and finally open that flap and there is the candy gift.

This match book was large enough that I was able to use a 4x6 baggie filled with chocolate Easter eggs.

Now while I wait for time to pass today and my class time to come, I have 7 little bunnies hanging out on my table.

Instead of going out and buying a kit try using what you have on hand and a little imagination and innovation to make an old project work for you.... because there is inspiration everywhere you look!

Happy Scrappin' ! ! !