My Family Scrapbook

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am On Cloud 9

My feet haven't touched the floor!!!!

I entered a contest for a position on a Design Team (DT). This is a scrapbooking company that I order from on a regular basis. Anyway, I never thought I would have a chance at the DT spot (there were 4 spots up for grabs) but I got word that I did make it onto the team!!!!

I am so excited.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Forgive the Mess

A few days ago I cleaned up my blog, getting rid of a lot of clutter and stuff that really didn't matter.

I want to make a new start and put stuff here that really matters in my life.

Most of what you will see from this point on will be family stories, pictures of family events and of course my passion - my scrapbooking pages and other items that I have made.

My slide show will be added to but I will also put pictures of different creations on posts.

(And please - if a picture is blurred it is because I don't have permission from the person in the picture or they have requested not to appear on the net - I don't want you to think that my photos were bad .)