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Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick Gifts - Change Of Pace - Sewing

I needed a quick and easy little something to give as a gift. This was more or less to fill in and make my gift look a little bigger. I had previously posted that I made each of the girls in my office a wooden trivet.

I did a little research after seeing these towels at a local craft bizarre. I found a great step-by-step tutorial on and having some sewing experience these looked so easy.

Materials were inexpensive, readily available, and I had some of the supplies on hand such as thread and buttons. My materials list was potholders with a loop on the side and they could be round, square, or rectangle. Matching or coordinating kitchen hand towels, color coordinating buttons, thread and of course my sewing machine.

Here is a the LINK to the you-tube tutorial. You will find that the directions that the girl gives are very easy to understand.

Here is a picture of my finished hanging towels that will be given with the hand made trivets.

Just a quick share of another craft that I enjoyed making and would like to get as a gift myself.

My motto is always give something that you would like to receive.

Happy Crafting ! ! !


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Anonymous said...

They are cute and easy to make ��