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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Bottle Cap Ornaments

I spray painted way too many bottle caps white when I was making the snowflake face snowmen, so with that in mind I decided to surf the web to see what I could find to make with white bottle caps. I didn't have to look to far. I went as far as Pinterest. That site is a wealth of pinned items that people have found on the Internet.

I found an ornament using 3 bottle caps that were glued to a a ribbon but the bottle caps were inverted and harder to work with, so with a flip of the cap I had a smooth surface to work with. Here is a link to that original snowman ornament.

As in my previous post with the snowflake ornaments, I had some crafting supplies that allowed me to stamp the faces for the snowmen. I love that little face!

Instead of using a ribbon, I drilled holes in the bottle caps and used jump rings to attach one to the next. I also made some plain as in the original that I found on Pinterest, and I made a few dressed up by adding ribbon and snowflake buttons and a few with each style of face.

Here are my finished ornaments:

It amazed me how a little piece of ribbon and a button dressed these up.

So next time you prepare more of an item that what you can use for one craft, do a little searching to see what else you can make using that item and double up your productivity.

Happy Crafting ! ! !


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Judy Whatilivefor said...

I love the cute stamped face you used! Those turned out so cute :)