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Friday, April 3, 2009

Recipes for Comfort Food

I've always wanted to share some of my recipes but wasn't sure how to do it. So I am starting to take a few pictures of our favorites food as I make them and incorporate them into my family scrapbooks.

I may even try my hand at making a family cookbook to pass down to someone.

In the past I made a Recipe Tin for my son who wanted me to leave him my recipe box when I die. (I know that sounds morbid but I took it as a great compliment.) I could not stand the thought of him not getting it so just to make sure he had the recipes I created that. There are so many of my family's favorite recipes that are not wrote down - they are just in my head. They get so mad at me when I say "season to taste" or "just a pinch of this or some of that." It drives them all crazy!

Here is the start of my recipe Lay-outs.

Next time you make it, take a few pictures and write down that recipe and create a scrapbook lay-out because you never know who in your family might love your cooking and want the recipe. Take time to sign the lay-out someplace as well. (I signed the back of mine.)

This is just one more way of sharing with your family... and what a surprise when then they are looking through your scrapbooks years after you are gone and finding not only a special recipe among the pages, but also your signature.

Happy Scrappin' !!!


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Kristen Hermanny said...

Cute Brenda! I made a cookbook using a small brag book that held recipe cards. Then, each title page I used the appropriate Quickutz for page headers.