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Monday, November 26, 2012

Traditional Icons in Ornaments

Today I am going to post a few of the traditional icons of Christmas for little ones.  While I am typing this post I am humming "Here Comes Santa Clause"

Santa, aside from baby Jesus, has to be the most recognized Christmas symbol.  He hasn't been lost on the 50 year old!  I have been cutting a few the Jolly Old Man, along with a few other Christmas favorites.

Here are the Santa ornaments that I have busy with.

The first one is the very first ornament that I cut out.  I have cut about 10 of these out this year:

The next one shows Santa as the "Star of Christmas" for the little ones:

And then of course you have the Jolly Old Santa delivering his gifts:

One last ornament today is that filled stocking!  Every child loves getting it and some of the best gifts are the small ones that Santa leaves in the stocking!

My next set of ornaments will be the 3d ones instead of the flat ones.  Everyone has to have a little dimension on the tree.

Happy Crafting ! ! !


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