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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time for Christmas Ornaments

I was sitting here looking at all of the pictures of the ornaments that I have made and trying to figure out how to present them here on my blog.

I have decided that I would group them according to theme.

Today I will be sharing my ornaments that are not necessarily just for Christmas or what I call alternative ornaments.

The first one I made in memory of my dad. He loved hummingbirds and I made 2 of these. One I took out to his grave and hung it from the flowers that my mom had put in the vase. Dad was the one who got me interested in the woodworking. Then my son came to me and asked if he could have the other one for his mother-in-law, and I allowed him to have it.

The next one I did for my husband and son who love to fish. Both of them like putting items on the tree that interests them. When I gave my husband his, he made the comment that it looked like a tree instead of a fish. I had to laugh but he was right, if you hold it at just the right angle it does look like a tree!

Then the next 2 ornaments that I am sharing today were part of an ornament swap that I did with long-distance girlfriends. My one friend, Jessica, who lives in California decorates for the holidays with mice. I made her 2 ornaments because the first one I didn't like after I made it but didn't want to throw it away either. The 2nd one looks like a Christmas ornament because the mouse is holding an ornament.

Then there are a couple of very special ornaments that I want to share. The first one is for my mail carrier. This man goes out of his way to make sure that our mail is safely in our box and the top is closed. We can always tell when Ed, the mailman, is having a day off! For him I spent time making a stamp with a mailman inside the stamp. He will receive this and a small box of cookies.

One last ornament for today.... the school mascot. It is special indeed! A tribute to the Jerseyville Panthers!

So in the next few days I will post a few more Christman ornaments that are more traditionalin theme. I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

Happy Crafting ! ! !


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