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Monday, June 3, 2013

Going Back

The last project that I shared with you was a ring box. I've learned a lot about making those little boxes since that post.

I have made several more of them and expanded on the sizes, shapes, and even finishing them. I've learned to flock the inside, giving them a felted interior.

Today I am sharing all of the boxes that I've created so far... and there will be more in the future because this is one of the ways that I am using scrap wood.

This is the last box that I shared with you:


That box's interior became this:

Then I expanded into round and square boxes:

As you can also see all are flocked on the inside and each has a unique knob as well.  My compound cutting is also improving with each project that I do.

One last photograph of all of the boxes that I've completed....  I am hoping next round to do a clover, a heart, and I also want to expand and do a few bandsaw boxes.  I have a list a mile long of projects.

Happy crafting ! ! !


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