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Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Video And A Project On The Horizon

I am trying to get back into the swing of things. Trying to scrapbook, crochet, and do various crafts. I used to make videos when I was on the design teams but I've long since given up that crazy paced life where I must craft.

To be honest with you when I had to make things using specific products and had deadlines the whole process became tedious and mechanical. I just wasn't enjoying myself anymore. I think that was why I took a step back from all of it.

Now on my days off I craft or scrapbook because I want to and it is back to being fun!

In the mist of everything I still belong to one message board that was formed because of scrapbooking but now it is just five very close friends with the scrapbooking thread in common. One of the girls, Rainy, began to post challenges in order to get us back to our scrap tables. It worked!

Rainy has also asked us to join in a small swap. I used to love swaps but didn't have time for those either. Life is just too busy, or at least we make it that way.

I sat down to try to work on an idea for a swap and it turned into making how-to videos again. So here is a how to video on making Faux Chipboard and Pop-Dots. This is a technique that I used to make my swap items.

 It is fun to make a how-to video when you do not have to sell something or told what has to be used, said, or included and excluded. 

I am planning on another video soon showing how to make what we swapped. I hope this video helps others save a little money and realize that you don't have to travel to scrap stores to get those pricey things. You can raise something off the page without those spongy little dots or make paper stiff like cardboard just by layering it.

Stay tuned because I will be back with another video, it might be another how-to leading up to the swap item or I may just jump to the swap.  Ignore the little flubs and glitches, it has been awhile.  This time you even get to see me.

You never know about me, what I am going to say or do!

Happy Scrappin' ! ! !


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