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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Repurposed Glassware into Angels

Recycling is all the rage.  We are all doing things to reduce our waste. From recycling metals, paper, plastic or glass to  finding new uses for our discarded items that are still useful but just not the same as it used to be.  I started making angels out of old glass items after I saw one on Pinterest.  I fell in love with these. 

A vase turned upside down, something like plates, candy dishes, or banana split boats for wings, a round globe, fish bowl, or round candle holder for a head, and a small bread and butter plate for a halo and you have and angel. 

The trick to making these celestial beings is using a clear, water resistant, and heat resistant glue and not getting it everywhere.  Patience is key and finding a way to balance or prop the odd shapes so that they stay put.

Another trick is finding the right sized items that will work together.  The wings should be big but not so big that the overcome the project.

Colors should compliment each other.

Sometimes you can find on dish that looks like 2 wings. 

These are beautiful used in the landscaping and if you put them over a solar light they light up at night.  A word of caution, put them in an area of the landscaping that is somewhat protected so that if a hail storm happens they will not get broken.  

Perhaps there are some of these items that are not longer being used in your cabinets.  Don't stop with an angel.  You can make many things out of old glassware and the nice thing is each thing made is unique in it's own way.

Happy Crafting!

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