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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Trivet For Now

I have so many other things to share that I have made and am making that after this post I will be sharing my Christmas ornaments.  But first one last trivet.

I was approached by a very dear friend to make something, anything for a benefit auction to help a local young man that has a brain tumor.  I thought about it and decided to make a "dog and butterfly trivet" for the silent auction. 

Here is the finished piece.  Like the last trivet that I shared, I rountered the upper edge so that it has a rounded finished look.

I am praying for a cure for this great young man.

I also that by sharing this with you that it inspires you to reach out and help others.  God gives us these talents for a reason.  I only hope that I am using my talent the way God wants me to.

Happy Crafting ! ! !



Anonymous said...

Brenda, my name is Jaki and I have to say that I think your trivets are exquisite! I used to turn wood... so I think I might have some idea of how you 'feel' your wood.

Utterly beautiful!

Brian Wrinkle said...


Is there any chance you have the black and white pattern for this trivet. I would like to cut it but i am having a hard time converting this to a pattern.


Brenda said...

Brian, I will look to see where that came from..... my email address is email me.

Unknown said...

If you found a pattern I WOULD LIKE TO CUT ONE FOR A very nice. You do nice work THANK YOU

Daleinok said...

Brenda, I know this is one of your earlier past, but I have just now view it. First let me say your scroll work is impeccable, I only hope I can be 1/2 as good as you are. You posted a trivet entitled "LAST ONE FOR NOW" on Wed. 7, 2012. I have been trying to download the pattern as well as a couple others, to no avail. I'm sure it's me, but would you please let me know how to do so?

Thank You so much

In Him

sven-erik said...

it´s very beautifull i have made 3 of them and people like them very much.
regard from sven-erik from Denmark